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2022 Interior Trends Forecast

2022 is upon us (how can it be!) and we’re here to share about upcoming interior trends for the New Year that we’re excited to implement alongside our clients.

1. Multi-functional spaces

In recent months, we are seeing more people get back into the office and companies dusting off their employee’s desks. However, with the pandemic still lurking, there are many instances where there will inevitably be some of those spaces that are not utilized just yet. Enter the desire to create multi-use areas. A multi-functional area can provide benefit whether employees are in the office or working remotely.

Therefore, the idea of having a space that can function flexibly is certainly attractive to clients. We see this most often in naming a collaborative space within the office that can be used in different ways; ie with flexible furniture systems to provide large or small – public or private meeting areas. We’ve also seen instances where we name a meeting room that can later be transformed (into) an office later on.

For our clients continuing to work from home, we have had an increased need to create more at-home work-stations so the desire to re-work their shared living space is vital.

2. Nature-inspired design

This year bringing the outdoors in, with the option to use sustainable materials is top of mind more than ever before. The use of natural materials therefore allows us to enjoy the outdoor world, inside.

In order to achieve this dynamic, we have worked with our friends from Purposeful Design a number of times to create one-of-a-kind custom wood pieces that are now featured in notable commercial spaces we’ve designed (such as Wayfinder, Prolific, etc.) As if their designs are not cool enough, they have an incredible mission by aiming to empower local Indianapolis homeless and reformed prisoners to help build office items. (You can read more about their company and mission here).

Additionally – our award-winning project Hub & Spoke nods to nature by way of the wood entrance feature at the top of tenant’s doorway, as seen below.

3. Monochromatic schemes

We are here for all things monochromatic and expect it to be a continued trend in 2022.

Whether by way of graphics, walls, furniture or entire rooms, the idea of using minimal color to make a design statement creates maximum impact in businesses and homes. Below are examples from Wayfinder (Broad Ripple), Cyan Gray (Carmel) and Prolific (Indianapolis).

4. Technology + Art mix

Technology is just as much a resident in both the workplace and home office as those who work with it. so it is imperative that we not forget about the functional technological aspect of our clients functioning well.

Ask any designer and they will likely admit it’s a challenge to marry an aesthetically pleasing solution for state-of-the-art technology with with the elements of high design.

In our ongoing hunt we have been pleasantly surprised to discover and specify products that solve for both forward-thinking tech + are aesthetically pleasing to the eye: ie the Samsung television that works as a piece of art & an HD television.

5. Marble everywhere!

We aren’t mad about this one! Many clients are noticing the value in investing in a piece that looks elegant and provides a great first impression upon entrance; but will last a lifetime.

Recent clients such as Halter Ferguson, Valeo & Hub & Spoke worked with PDG to put their own spin on their reception desks that offer a wow-factor and are true to their brand, as you can see below.