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A Year In Review

Let's take a look back on an awesome year!

2018 marked a very productive year for Parallel Design Group, as our team was blessed with the opportunity to impact the built environment for over 165 spaces in 12 months. A few notab

2018 was a year of firsts as it relates to the various locations where we were able to serve. As many of you know, our hometown of Indianapolis is a strong market in which we are fortunate to flourish in. Our global clients have capitalized on the valu

Speaking of expanding, our still small but mighty team has grown, too! (Click here to read story of how Parallel started). This year, we added two key players to our line-up, to help push o

We have been blessed with the opportunity to earn a few honorable mentions!

A few honorable mentions to report from 2018, include: Modern Masters Fashion Show, Monumental Awards and Contract Magazine.

The release of the Parallel Design Blog

The blog for Parallel Design Group was a big project in the making that we were happy to see come to life. Special thanks go out to our friends at