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The Art & Science Behind the PDG Brand

Should my company rebrand? This is a common question we hear in almost every new business conversation, including our first meeting with Briana Dunkin, Principal—Designer at Parallel Design Group (PDG). What started as a kick off meeting for n

The Parallel color palette shifted from blue-gray and chartreuse to charcoal with soft neutrals. This update allows the brand colors to recede and project photography to stand out on the website and in marketing collateral. The brand colors were also c

From our initial discovery meeting, we were impressed with the amount of science and data that Parallel put into each project before opening their design software. We knew this process was a gamechanger and would be incredibly valuable to potential cli

And, a new brand isn’t complete without swag waiting on everyone’s desk the morning of their launch party. This small touch goes a long way in building team morale and getting everyone excited about the new direction of the company. Each Parallel team


Parallel had the vision, drive, and talent to succeed. This rebrand simply opened the door to allow potential clients and industry peers to see what was already there. Since their brand launch over two years ago, Parallel has doub

Is your company in a similar position? If so, ask yourself this: Should my company rebrand?

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