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Ask Abbey!

We are so very grateful for our newest Project Interior Design, Abbey Kochert, who joined our team in August! Check out the below Q&A to see what she puts on her nachos, the words she lives by and where we can find her on Saturdays.

Adrienne: Let's kick it off with your nicknames. What do people call you?

Abbey: Abbey, Gail, Abs, Babs, Munch.

AE: I bet there's a good story to go with Munch. Anyway, I hear you're a concert junkie! Name your all-time favorite show.

AK: I really prefer outdoor concerts because the ambiance is SO much better. Bon Iver @ White River in 2018 was truly unbelievable! It ended up thunder-storming during the concert - and it was magical.

AE: The Enneagram is all the rage. What type are you?

AK: 2 - with a mix of 6 and 7

AE: What is home to you?

AK: Friends and Family - I haven't ever been attached to places; it’s where my people are. My family is incredibly close – My parents and Megan, my sister, are some of my best friends. I don’t think there is day that goes by where I don’t talk to one of them. They’re the bees knees!

AE: Speaking of family, where did you grow up?

AK: My family moved to Zionsville right before high school, but for the most part, I grew up in West Lafayette. West Lafayette is home to my Purdue family as well as the foundation for the Four Squared clan. When I was growing up, my family became close with three other families. Coincidentally, each family had the same number of people (4) and all the kids happened to be in the same age groups. Bottom line: We did everything together, you name it! One of the Four Square dads decided to develop a logo and coin our group Four Squared. Even though most of the families have moved away from West Lafayette, we still get together every Labor Day weekend for Four Squared weekend – we have now celebrated four weddings and multiple other life events together. They are my people. Once a square, always a square.

AE: We love that we get to add another Boilermaker to our line up! :) For the people who know you best - your best friends - how would they describe you?

AK: Fun loving creative soul who always has a smile on her face, can count on her through the good and bad, and full of positive energy.

AE: I think they're right! Salty or savory?

AK: 100 Savory!

AE: How did you first become interested in Interior Design?

AK: Honestly, I kinda chose it on a whim! My dad suggested I pick a job high in demand. After reviewing my strengths and weaknesses - I quickly saw that Interior Design would lean into most of my strengths.

AE: What is your greatest interior design achievement?

AK: Immersing myself in the Interior Design Community and the relationships I have built.

AE: What is your favorite Interior Design trend and why?

AK: I am really liking where design is going with integrating health and well-being into the workplace. I love that we are catering to the individual to make sure that it is a positive experience. I love plants and natural light and I am hoping that these wont be trends and that they will stay forever!

AE: Outside of Interior Design, what is something else that you passionate about?

AK: Cooking! Absolutely love it! In fact, at one point I considered going to culinary school. Side note: I make some pretty mean sweet potato taco bowls.

AE: Good to know! Be over soon. :) So, where could we find you on a Saturday afternoon?

AK: In my living room; watching a movie with my guy Ty. Ty is my man - the tinder gods brought us together a little over two years ago. God bless! He is all things weird and wonderful hence why we're together. He is also an avid concert goer. Actually, come to think of it, we share a lot of hobbies, but he is the better cook, believe it or not.

AE: What is your favorite time of the day?

AK: It varies depending on the day. I do love how quiet it is in the morning - its so serene and blissful. I also love the evenings on the weekends because I binge watch Harry Potter.

AE: What is one thing you have always dreamed of doing?

AK: Becoming a successful plant mother and backpacking through Europe.

AE: Solid goals! Can you share something that would surprise us?

AK: I definitely value my me time, even though I really love being around people - also sometimes, we hammock outside of White River and listen to music.

AE: Now for a serious question. What would you put on your nachos?

AK: All of the fixin's without jalepenos. Also, please note that I am definitely a big sour cream fan.

AE: Noted. Now - for an even more serious question. What is your favorite quote or words that you live by?

AK: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

AE: Love that! How do you want to be remembered?

AK: For being genuine and kind to everyone. To give everyone a chance.

AE: I think you've got that down. So - last but not least - what are you MOST grateful for?

AK: My support system...friends, family and Taiwan.