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Big change leads to happy employees!

As organizations continue to compete to attract the best and brightest talent, they are choosing to rethink the traditional approach to the office workspace. Parallel Design Group partnered with this non-profit client on their new downtown office, enco

The office workspace must not only function as a primary work setting, but also provide strong connection to the company’s culture and values. By doing so, there is a powerful statement to employees that they are both wanted and welcomed at th

Their old space lacked natural light, so one of the top priorities on this project? Light. And lots of it. Throughout the space, entire walls of windows are exposed to bring natural light to the entire office, leaving no employee in the dark. Workstati

Having now been in their new space for nearly a year, leadership can now pronounce the project a major success. A big change in the way this client does business? Absolutely. But an even bigger change in employee morale? You bet.

Change c

Change can be tough, and oftentimes the transition to a completely different work dynamic comes with its own challenges. But were the big changes in this workplace worth it? You bet.