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Celebrating Companies' Workplace Innovation: Spaces

Think inside the box.

Every office has four walls; how companies express their culture in the space between them is a differentiator and can be a business multiplier. That is why Spaces

The competition.

To get companies and vendors to showcase their work and show off their spaces on the website, we developed an annual competition to award the best of the best in workspace innovation throughout Indiana. Each s

Spaces has grown from an idea to celebrating almost 200 workspaces around Indiana that range from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Spaces in 2019.

The growth and interest of Spaces has been something that we are incredibly proud of and it’s only gotten bigger in 2019. With so much excitement and interest from markets outside of Indianapolis, we have taken

Why it matters.

People spend more waking hours in their workplace than anywhere else.

Human capital costs are usually 15-20 times higher than the physical real estate cost.

Countless studies show the impact a

SpacesShowcase Website.

Photography by Amy Payne and Unsplash. Photos featuring 2019 Spaces winners, members of Spaces team (Mary Kane, Matt Waggoner, Melissa Lawson), and Tinker House Events Venue.