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Cozy Vibes At Home, After The Holidays

There are usually two types out there.

Those who can’t wait to put up their holiday décor the minute the fall ones hit the plastic bins, who leisurely take their time to put them away as the holiday season comes to a close because they love the twinkling glow and magic that they bring to the home. Driving back to the house without the outdoor festive lights to welcome you- might just also dim their soul a bit.

Then -- there are the others who have everything packed up as soon as the first day of the new year is upon us. They are ready to enjoy their home sans glitter and stockings on the mantle (bye-bye clutter) and dig into the New Year alongside their New Year’s resolutions straight away.

Here at PDG, we are a split crew on this topic, so rest assured, we feel both sides! However, what if you find yourself somewhere in the middle and perhaps you want to keep the cozy feels going during the winter months but aren’t sure what can stay up or how to incorporate a seasonal chic vibe that is both clean and achieves comfort? We have a few ideas for you below.


When you are ready to take back your outlets and are sick of extension cords looming in sight, here are a few spaces where you can make use of those battery- operated twinkle lights to keep the glow alive.


Nothing says I will survive a Midwest winter snow storm than being wrapped up in a big blanket while you watch the snow fall on a lazy Sunday. As busy as we all are, these days seem few and far between, but having a few on-hand for when the opportunity arises makes it all the better!


You’ve likely seen strands of wooden beads in almost every store selling home décor. Timeless and considered a staple for the lover of natural wood tones and neutrals in the home, these gems can be kept out ALL YEAR ROUND.


Who says the pine has to be tossed? Safe to say the forest itself encapsulates classic beauty and wonder, and never goes out of style; so, using evergreen and pine for a few more months shouldn’t either. Whether you have a real tree you can snip a few branches off to save before it makes the final exit, or choose to get creative with one of the faux garland pieces you have, here are some places we think work best for bringing that outdoor feel “in”. Already tossed your greens in the back of Santa's sleigh? Pampas Grasses make a great addition and transition between any season!


Last but not least don’t forget about the flow of your home and carrying the winter chic throughout to ensure the most joy and peace as you transition from room to room (and season to season) with a smile, because it never goes out of style.

Stay warm and cozy,

Your friends @ PDG

P.S. We’d love to see how you incorporate these ideas at home. Tag us on Instagram! @parallel_dg