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If you Pivot, You'll Experience Greater Impact on Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement, Why It Matters & What It Really Means

As a human resource executive, today’s workplace conversations seem to start and end on the topic of employee engagement. What is it, how do you measure it and mos

Where The Pivot Comes In

Often as leaders we spend our time focused on aspects related to compensation, rewards and benefits. Those things we experience others (our competition for talent) doing and can generally assign a cost

Low Investment, Big Impact Ways To Pivot:

  • End unnecessary complexity, keep things simple. Keeping things simple helps with job or role clarity and personal accountability. Reducing the time to productivity

If you are an executive reading this, I’m not encouraging you to stop offering competitive compensation and benefits as part of your overall engagement strategy, but my ask is that you pivot other spend and energy away from free lunches, common décor o

About the Author

Jill Lehman is the Vice President and Chief People Officer at Ontario Systems LLC, a five consecutive year Indiana Best Places to Work and five-star Wellness Company. She is also an entrepreneur and business o