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Introducing: PDG Architect, Jaclyn Hanson

Adrienne: We wanna know; what are your nicknames.

Jaclyn: Jac, J Rock, I don’t like Jackie.

AE: Good to know! We talk about the Enneagram a lot around here. What Type are you? If you aren’t an Enneagram junkie, how would you describe your personality and the way you are wired?

JH: INFJ is what I resonate with most!

AE: Where did you grow up?

JH: I grew up in Carmel & went to the University of Cincinnati. I was in school for 6 years for my bachelor and master degrees. I co-opped in Cincinnati for 6 months, San Fran for 6 months and was in Indy for 9 months. After that, my path was Washington DC, moved to Cincinnati and came back to Carmel once we had our first daughter.

AE: How would your best friends describe you?

JH: Practical but goofy.

AE: That’s a cool combo. Between salty or savory, which would you choose?

JH: Savory, for sure!

AE: So, how did you first become interested in Architecture and Interior Design?

JH: I was always interested in legos as a child; that began at around 8 or so. This was the foundation for my interest in Architecture. Since I was as young as I can remember, I was always interested in how things were put together. My brother and I would destroy things and put them back together for this very reason. In high school, we had an Architecture & Drafting class at Carmel High School which was really transformative for me.

AE: What do you love most about Architecture?

JH: I love that spaces can be experienced so differently, based on people’s interest and experiences.

AE: What is your favorite Interior Design trend and why?

JH: I love white walls with pops of color. I also love contrast with black & white. I love bringing nature in, too.

AE: Outside of Interior Design, what are you passionate about?

JH: I love spending time with family and exercising. As my creative outlet, I love to draw houses and have an Etsy shop set up called Scribbled by Jaclyn Hanson.

AE: What are you reading right now?

JH: Right now, I’m reading Harry Potter with my daughter. I’m on the 7th book and am almost done!

AE: Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon?

JH: Probably tinkering in the yard – playing games with the kids outside and cleaning the house.

AE: What’s your favorite time of the day?

JH: I WANT to be a morning person, but in actuality I’m a night person. So that makes me not a morning person 😊

AE: What is one thing you have always dreamed of doing?

JH: One giant thing is to travel the world.

AE: Share something with us that will surprise us!

JH: I stayed up for 4 days straight in architecture school once. Well, I did fall asleep in my lectures during those 4 days so I’m not sure if it counts completely as 4 straight days, but the lack of sleep led me to hallucinating during an essay final where I wrote about balloons half way through the essay. I passed the test though—my test just had a big red circle around that part with a question mark.

AE: Serious question – if you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

JH: Serious answer: Pizza. Bazbeaux is my favorite pizza place locally; Deweys Pizza in Cinci is my all-time fave.

AE: What are your favorite quotes or words to live by?

JH: As I repeat this to my kiddos – I always ask them “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

AE: How do you want to be remembered?

JH: As a kind person.