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Client Stories

It is a true privilege for your home to be your haven.

Greg Eaton; Parallel's residential client who owns a downtown home in Indianapolis, began working with Parallel Design Group in 2020. With the hard hit of our national pandemic, much of his travel was cancelled and he had extra time and energy to make some finishing touches within his home, built in 2006.

Greg and our Studio Director + Senior Interior Designer Kaitlyn Barrett hit the ground running, excited and unafraid after they established the eclectic, global and meaningful vibe they were looking to achieve.

A vital part of the PDG process is listening and Greg agrees that in working with Kaitlyn "she listened, had a deep awareness of the overall vision and a plan to make it happen… 100% of the time."

It was important for Greg to be involved all along the way in the primary areas that would be enhanced: The Basement/Sitting Area and The Dining Room/Great Room. The intention was to add the final layer to what had already been done upstairs and add some personality into the basement; specifically the cubbies.

With Greg's rare and meaningful mementos collected throughout his travels - Kaitlyn had a difficult job; to intentionally and tactfully mix old and new so the spaces could come together cohesively.

Challenges with COVID delays - like many have experienced over the past year and a half - slowed the process a bit, but Greg understood it was completely out of our control. In fact the delay allowed for more time to hone in on other areas of the home.

The final result was exactly what Kaitlyn and Greg had set out to achieve together. Upon entrance to the lower level, you will see Alabaster White which works well with all of the artwork and décor. From the birdcage from China, a chimney from London, a table from Honduras, to a grandmother’s hope chest and touches of fountains and gardening nods throughout, this home has become a very unique and special dwelling haven.

Greg and Todd, his partner, wanted to display items that had shaped their lives: a family tree, work mementos, accolades of the kids, and more. Greg added, “Seeing the details come to life made a difference…details always make the difference."

Up next? We're so glad you asked. It's the master bedroom and bath. And we can't wait to show you the final product. Until then - a dinner party is upon us to officially welcome the spring season.