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Life-Changing Leadership: Our Top 20

2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the Global Leadership Summit. Hosted annually in Chicago, Illinois and broadcast both nationally and internationally, GLS reaches 900+ sites in 135 different countries and has had and continues to have a lasting effect on leaders all around the world.

With an aim to improve todays leaders – the mission of GLS is to inspire and equip world-class leadership that ignites transformation. Their focus is on training leaders from various walks of life – including business, education, public service, nonprofit organizations and church leaders.

This year’s summit high impact and energetic presenters brought the passion. The lineup included Craig Groeschel, co-founder and senior pastor of Life.Church; Bozoma Saint John, chief marketing officer of William Morris Endeavor and former chief brand officer of Uber; Liz Bohannon, co-founder and co-CEO of Sseka Designs; Ben Sherwood, former co-chairman of Disney Media Networks and former president of Disney ABC Television; Jason Dorsey, acclaimed Gen Z and millennial speaker and researcher, Danielle Strickland, pastor, author and justice advocate; DeVon Franklin, producer, author and CEO of Franklin Entertainment; Patrick Lencioni, a Bakersfield native, best-selling author, and founder and CEO of The Table Group; Chris Voss, former FBI hostage negotiator and CEO and founder of The Black Swan Group; Aja Brown, mayor of Compton; Jia Jiang, best-selling author, blogger and entrepreneur; Todd Henry, founder of Accidental Creative, author and leadership consultant; Dr. Krish Kandiah, social entrepreneur and founder of Home for Good; Jo Saxton, author, leadership coach and entrepreneur; and Bear Grylls, adventurer, writer and TV host of Man vs. Wild,

With this notary lineup and two full days of information immersion– you can imagine the abundance of information oftentimes feels like you are drinking from a firehose. With many leadership takeaways coming from GLS, below are PDG’s top 20 picks because we couldn’t just pick 10.

  • Of the below, what stands out to you specifically?
  • How can you implement these ways of thinking and practices into your own leadership in your workplace?
  • Who can you share this with to inspire to ignite true life-changing leadership in their life?

Craig Groeschel :: Co-Founder & Senior Pastor, Life.Church

  • Leadership: Is anyone with influence.

Bozoma Saint John :: Chief Marketing Officer, Endeavor

  • Speak up in meetings and champion for others.
  • If people aren’t being heard, people will not show up as their full selves.

Liz Bohannon :: Co-Founder & Co-CEO Sseko Designs

  • Leadership is about using your privilege and platform to make it better for others.
  • Our job is to learn and to lead.

Jason Dorsey :: #1 Rated Gen Z & Millennial Speaker; Researcher

  • Provide specific examples of the action you expect.
  • Know that when communicating amongst generations, the interpretation will always be different based on someone’s gender, geography and generation.

Danielle Strickland :: Pastor, Author, Justice Advocate

  • Your giftedness is not more important than your character.

DeVon Franklin :: Producer, Author, Speaker

  • It’s not worth conforming to others if it’s not who you are and who you were made to be.
  • Discomfort is a sign you are on the right track.

Patrick Lencioni :: Best-Selling Author; Founder & CEO, The Table Group

  • If leaders don’t have difficult conversations, it creates a damaging culture and people suffer. We have to make time and energy for it.
  • We have to make our meetings great! If meetings stink, you are going to make bad decisions.
  • Some people have a problem with the term “servant-based leadership”; they shouldn’t. This is the only kind of leader there should be.

Chris Voss :: Former FBI Hostage Negotiator

  • Give people a chance to talk. Hear people out and they will feel connected.

Jia Jung :: Best-selling Author; Blogger; Entrepreneur

  • Lean into your fear to make an incredible impact.

Todd Henry :: Founder, Accidental Creative; Author; Leadership Consultant

  • If you haven’t showed your team your leadership style, make sure they are told – otherwise they are guessing.

Dr. Krish Kandiah :: Founder, Home for Good; Consultant; Social Entrepreneur

  • Focus on kindness and love and let the profit follow.
  • Practice radical inclusion.

Jo Saxton :: Author; Leadership Coach; Entrepreneur

  • What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming.

Bear Grylls :: Adventurer; Writer; TV Host

  • Our light can only shine through cracked vessels.