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Meet The Designer: Alex Travis

Here's a Q&A with our Project Interior Designer, Alex Travis (soon-to-be Rice)!

Adrienne (AE): How would you describe your individual design aesthetic?

Alex (AT): Clean lines &

AE: What's your go-to place for design inspiration?

AT: My go-to design inspo is primarily Office Snapshots and Pinterest. But t

AE: What should every space include?

AT: A piece of black and white art, camel leather and a fiddle fig leaf tree.

AE: What design element are you obsessed with right now?

AT: I am always loving an oversized light fixture to steal the show. 😊

AE: Tell us what else you're loving right now.

AT: Adding to a space with simple water color art. I've been dabbling in it for fun in my spare time.

AE: When did you first become interested in Interior Design?

AT: Oh my gosh, elementary school?! I was always drawing floorplans of my room and my brother's room during school, planning ways to set it up differ

AE: What's your favorite project you've worked on so far at #PDG?

AT: I am in the design development phase of an awesome project right now for an Indianapolis sports marketing agency and I cannot wait to see i

AE: What's your favorite part about working for #PDG?

AT: The people and ability to run after what you are passionate about. Briana gives us the power to explore our strengths.

AE: Tell us about what you do outside of Interior Design?

AT: Right now I am busy planning our wedding for this summer! Other than that, I love spending time with my fiancé, family and friends as much as possib

AE: What's your favorite quote or words to live by?

AT: See the good.

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Photo credits: Office Snapshots, Parallel Design Group