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Meet the Designer: Rachel Reynolds

Adrienne (AE): How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Rachel (RR): I guess I would call my aesthetic "European Contemporary". I love clean lines and use a lot of texture. I can be minimal, but I am also a bit eclectic, so I love a fun pop of color, cool graphic or funky lounge chair. For me, it's all about the details."

AE: What's your go-to place for design inspiration?

RR: I have tons of sources, but one of my favorites is The site represents projects from over 70 countries, so I can keep up with the latest and greatest in design from Austria to Brazil, Singapore to Germany. I could get lost for hours in new product and trends from around the world.

AE: What should every space include?

RR: Natural daylight! It makes such a difference in human health and happiness, so I am always conscious of how I'm supporting it in any space.

AE: What design element are you obsessed with right now?

RR: I'm completely obsessed with graphic elements right now! There is so much new technology out there, and we're seeing new products every day that cater to digital graphics. It's a great way to customize any space and make a unique statement.

AE: What else are you loving right now?

RR: So many things! Light wood tones, feminine colors like mauve and dusty pink, floral patterns, dramatic lighting fixtures, and of course, I'm loving those "Instagram" moments that we're getting to introduce into design. You know what I'm talking about...funky wall patterns, inspiring quotes or a super colorful, ornate floor tile.

AE: When did you first become interested in interior design?

RR: Although I didn't recognize it at the time, I would say my love for Interior Design dates back to my "Lincoln Log" days, or when I would spend hours on the computer building digital homes for my "Sims" characters. I've always been equal part left and right brain, so this career made a lot of sense to me. Interior Design was always there. I just had to discover it.

AE: What's your favorite project you've worked on so far?

RR: It's so hard to pick just one! I guess I would have to say the JLL Indianapolis office. It was so rewarding to put my mark on such an iconic, global brand. The team was great to work with and they were very open to new ideas, so we got to be very creative. And, of course, winning a Monumental Award and being featured in Contract Magazine online wasn't bad either!

AE: Tell us about what you do outside of Interior Design.

RR: You could call me the adventure-seeking type, so I rarely stop moving. Whether it's taking helicopter flight lessons or playing with tiger cubs, I am all about experiencing new things. On a quiet day, I love spending time with family (including my adorable new baby niece), my friends and my fella. I like playing tennis or walking the Monon with my dog, Luna. I'm also a bit of a foodie, so I love to discover (or sometimes design) the next big thing. My absolute favorite thing to do though is travel, and I love to photograph all of the beautiful places I see!

Photo credits: Office Snapshots, Rachel Reynolds.