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Meet the Designer: Stephanie Burkhart

Here's a Q&A with our Senior Interior Designer, Stephanie Burkhart!

Adrienne (AE): How would you describe your individual design aesthetic?

Stephanie (SB): I'd like to think it's pretty cla

AE: What's your go-to place for design inspiration?

SB: I love to find inspiration in daily life -- walking through a store, having dinner out with friends or family. There's inspiration everywhere if you just

AE: What should every space include?

SB: A neutral base, some pops of color and always that little something unexpected.

AE: What design element are you obsessed with right now?

SB: I've always loved utilizing oversized lighting, something with some 'wow' factor! Some of the color palettes that are being forecasted right now are

AE: What else are you loving right now?

SB: Greenery! But not the old-school fern kind...I'm loving succulents, fiddle-leaf figs, and tall, slender grasses. Every space can benefit from bringing some life into

AE: When did you first become interested in Interior Design?

SB: For as long as I can remember, I'd be the little girl playing with Legos rather than Barbies. Designing has always been in my blood. I nearly bac

AE: What's your favorite project you've worked on so far?

SB: Working with IN CPA Society was so enjoyable - their leadership team just LOVED design had great

AE: Tell us about what you do outside of Interior Design?

SB: I love spending time with family and experiencing new things around town with my kiddos. Life is an adventure with two young girls, but I can't imag

AE: What's your favorite part about working for PDG?

SB: PDG goes far beyond being just a workplace - we are family, thru and thru. When you walk into the office, it never quite feels like 'work', so you know y

AE: What's your favorite quote or words to live by?

SB: Be kind. Always, in all ways.

Photography Credit: OfficeSnapshots