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The Parallel Story

Hi friends!

Welcome to our Parallel Design blog. Here you can find Parallel case studies, design inspiration, thought leadership, industry info and even a few light-hearted reads. Tune in frequently to check out what’s new!

Our Story

With over 50 years of combined experience, Parallel Design Group was born in 2014, but has certainly been a dream for much longer.

After 14 years in the industry, our founder Briana Dunkin began working out of her home after her two greatest blessings were born. Her passion for interior design couldn’t dissolve, so it chased her. Or maybe it was the other way around? Needless to say, in between diapers, dishes and family time, Briana poured herself into interior design for a few trusted corporate client partners. Her first solo job was for the Disciples of Christ Center in Indianapolis. Never seeking out to hire, the perfect people have approached Briana about work at the perfect time. And since then, things have only gotten better.

Now, led by Dunkin, her small but mighty team of eight are based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and reside at Keystone at the Crossing, in a flexible and open studio. Although our team is in various stages of life – we have some key commonalities: We adore interior design, firmly believe in Midwest Hospitality and aim to serve our corporate clients at the highest level, every single day. Parallel Design has a wide variety of experience, from start-up tech firms, to well-established law firms. With each and every project, our team has one goal in mind: to think pragmatically, progressively and purposefully; creating not just ordinary spaces – but exceptional spaces along side of our clients.

Our Name

Many people ask about the meaning behind our name. It’s quite simple: Our team wants to work side by side with you – in parallel – as we assist you in the process of balancing art and creativity with science and strategy. Keeping the values and vision of our clients top of mind, we’re in this and committed to working together - in parallel, to achieve your goals.

What We're Proud Of

Since the beginning, we have been entrusted by innovative clients such as High Alpha, JLL, HomeAdvisor, SEI, Walker Information, IU Health (and many more) to create outstanding spaces that reflect your culture and brand around the city of Indy and beyond. Our portfolio continues to expand by the day and we are grateful to develop relationships with such amazing partners.

Speaking of our city – beyond caring for our clients, our heartbeat is loud for Indianapolis. We have designed over 90% of our projects in our city. With each project, we pour our hearts into elevating our clients' brand and creating a workplace that they are proud to call home.

Recent Awards

Parallel has most recently earned awards under the IIDA Indiana Chapter as the Economical Design Runner Up (2017), and Best in Show for IIDA Modern Masters (2018). Our most notable? The Honor Award for Interior Design for the Monumental Awards (2018).