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Our PDG Top 10 from EDGE|X 2019!

Happy Monday, friends!

Our Parallel Design Group team had the honor and privilege of learning from some of the best leaders at EDGE|X 2019. Hosted at Northview Christian Church for a half-day immersion with the Indianapolis co

Side note: There were so many wisdom bombs - it was VERY hard to pick just 10!

We are already excited for what's in store for 2020 as we take what we learned to apply and grow as designers - professionals - moms - friends - siste

BOB GOFF New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of Love Does

  1. One kind word can make such a huge difference.
  2. 3 minutes of authenticity will change everything.

GARY BRACKETT Owner of Brackett Restaurant Group & Former Indianapolis Colts Linebacker

3. To be a great leader is to serve others.

4. You only have one life to live. Ask yourself these questions:

SAGE STEELE ESPN Sportscenter Anchor

5. Help me to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong and never to be content with a half truth when the whole can be won.

6. Diversity is important, but so is

JORDAN LEE DOOLEY National Bestselling Author of Own Your Everyday

7. Own your mistakes and shortcomings. Your embarrassment from your own mistakes can be empowerment for someone else.

KEN COLEMAN #1 National Bestselling Author of the Proximity Principle and Host of The Ken Coleman Show.

8. Don't out-perform others; you should outperform yesterday’s you.

9. 90% of one’s success or failure i

IAN CRON Master Teacher of The Enneagram

10. Do you want to know understand others? Lead others? Know yourself. In all of your beauty and in all of your shadow.