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PDG Forecasts 2019 Design Trends

As your expert friends in Interior Design, our desire is to keep you well-informed on a topic that we truly love.

As we approach a New Year, our PDG team is expectant of fun emerging trends which we are delighted to share with you. Drawing on our small, but mighty-talented design team, covering small to large scale market projects, see our professional opinion below re: trends which will be sure to drive the overall workplace design this year. Our 2019 Design Trend Forecast is below:


Warm Colors: The cooler, aloof grays are being replaced with warmer neutrals, like greige. True to the 70’s color palette, the industry is currently favoring black, white, warm gray, and beige with pops of burgundies, warm yellow hues and deep navy-blues.

Tweed Texture: This year, we see the industry movement from velvet, to tweed.

Light Wood: Lighter woods are making a comeback, thanks to the users’ desire for more airy and open-looking spaces.

Countertops: Warmer and/or darker countertop materials are popping forth. Although marble will always be a classic choice, 2019 will bring in darker tones and warmer-based stones instead of stark whites and greys.


Resimercial Movement: The continuing invasion of residential elements in the office workplace, solidifies the growth of Residential meeting Commercial ie; Resimercial. We love this movement!

Focus on Authenticity: In an increasingly digital world where things seem so impersonal, we deeply understand the need for people to work in an authentic space – unlike anybody else. Employees are competing for the same talent, so it is important that their space uniquely reflect their core values. With an authentic and genuinely designed space, it is proven that employees are significantly more engaged, resulting in a thriving workspace. Space on its own will not create the right culture. Amenities that work for one company, may not work for another. Parallel takes pride in this important conversation about authenticity in the workplace with all of our clients.

Employee Wellness: This topic is fore-front in our culture, as well, and is a high priority in companies across the board. The Global Wellness Institute reports (2018) indicates that our surrounding environments can determine up to 90 percent of our health outcomes! In the past several years, wellness design elements are the very first things that get value engineered from a project! Because of this, we believe that design will go beyond the sit/stand desk and occasional green wall to more intentional, sensory improving elements. Designers will be sure to create spaces that will encourage proactive behaviors towards health and wellness. Since we spend 80 percent of our time at work our workspaces are now more than just a place to do business, but should be a communal space that values their employees best self. Our personal desire? We are hopeful to see a continued healthy habit movement for the bodies and minds of corporation’s staffs – from stocking break areas with healthy food, to promoting staff to get outdoors with walkable amenities and intentional quiet spaces.

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