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Q&A with Britt!

What better time for some casual reading on our #PDGTeam than now? Here’s an interview with one of our newest members to join our team, Brittany Williams! You’re probably already sitting down – so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this short 5 minute read. 😊

AE: Let’s start with something easy. What do people call you? Do you have a nickname?

BW: Not really – Britt is the extent of it (Noted: with two T’s)!

AE: Where are you from? What do you call home?

BW: Originally I’m from Fishers, Indiana. I graduated from Hamilton Southeastern in 2012 and Ball State in 2016. I moved to Chicago after college and just as of recently, moved back with my fiancé! Home to me will always be where my family and close friends are.

AE: We are SO excited you moved back! Why don’t you share a fun fact about yourself.

BW: I went to three different schools growing up, and was homeschooled for two years!

AE: Your mom must be a saint. How would your family and best friends describe you.

BW: They would probably describe me as easy-going, loyal, creative -- and always down for a margarita.

AE: I like the sound of that! Knowing you are a margarita fan, it is safe to say you are salty over savory?

BW: Yes!

AE: Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon?

BW: Either brunch, or napping!

AE: What is your favorite time of day?

BW: My favorite time of the day is the evening. I am naturally a night-owl. Mornings are hard until I have my coffee!

AE: Now that we know a little bit about your personal life – tell us...How did you first become interested in Interior Design?

BW: My mom was always into Interior Design and Decorating as a hobby. I loved helping her with this and doing other types of craft and art projects! I decided to major in Interior Design when I took an AutoCAD class in high school. I really enjoyed it and had a great teacher who was super encouraging in prompting me to go into the field!

AE: What a cool start to dig into what you love. So, how did you land a job out of school?

BW: I interviewed with a firm in Chicago, while I was still in school and was hired in March. I ended up moving the same exact week that I graduated! It was kind of nuts. I had been in Indiana my whole life and was excited to try to live in a big city for a while!

AE: That’s awesome! I bet Chicago was an inspiring place to live. Besides getting inspiration from the city you lived in, where else did you go for inspiration?

BW: I am always on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Sometimes going to a cute, local coffee shop and getting a different view helps too!

AE: What would you say is your favorite Interior Design trend & why (knowing it could change at any second)?

BW: I love dark accent walls and the fun wallpapers that designers are using. It adds a dramatic element to the space, which I love!

AE: Love that trend too. Outside of your time spent in Interior Design, what are you passionate about?

BW: I love art and music in general. I am obsessed with going to museums. You can usually find me and my fiancé at a concert on any summer night.

AE: What are you most grateful for?

BW: I am most grateful for my family and close friends (who are like family). They are my biggest support system!

AE: What is something that you have always dreamed of doing…but you haven’t (yet)?

BW: I’ve had a small taste of traveling and have always wanted to travel more and see new places. My hope is to travel with my future hubby after our wedding this fall!

AE: Where has your favorite trip been that you have taken so far in your life?

BW: One of my most memorable trips was in February of this year. I went to Europe and traveled through Milan, Florence and Sienna. I was traveling for work, and had the chance to see a villa that I remodeled! This was probably my favorite project to date, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to see it in person.

AE: One question we always as all of our team members is, what is one thing that is surprising to others about you?

BW: I took ten years of piano lessons when I was younger. I still enjoy it, but haven’t practiced in a while.

AE: You’ll have to teach us! Another important one: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

BW: Popcorn!

AE: Before we let you go, share with us how you want to be remembered by the end of your life.

BW: Simply put, as a good person.

AE: Finally – what we always like to end on. What is your favorite quote or words to live by?

BW: "Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style." - Billy Baldwin