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Spring your home into Spring!

Though it may be hard to envision on a blustery day, Spring is once again just around the corner and with it comes that familiar itch to clean and perhaps refresh our spaces. From retail stores to social media, we are flooded with new design trends begging to make their way onto our doorsteps and into our homes. The major question is deciding how to incorporate the new, while keeping a balance of the existing with the goal of achieving a clean, design-enviable space with more calm and less clutter. Sometimes just getting started can be half the battle, so we have put together a few ideas to get you there.


Take a stroll around the house and make a list of the spaces you would like to refresh in your home. Include in a list format the items you would like to add, keep, replace and/or donate.

Collect pictures of inspiration and file into a digital wish-list. Pro tip: Do this immediately so you are not searching through your pictures trying to find the one of the perfect bookshelf item you pinned 3 months beforehand! Keep both handy so when you are out and about and you find something you think will be perfect you have an idea of where it will fit.


The scene: your car is brimming with bags as you pull into the garage and once you lug it all inside you’re hit with the realization you have so many great new things…yet the space you come back to has not magically multiplied to match.

We are all guilty of the occasional HomeGoods haul. What feels better than finding the perfect throw pillow or accessory for your entry table? Finding it on sale of course! However, many of our residential clients will also admit that as they look around their home it can also lend to feeling cluttered and full of “things” that just take up space.

Quick solution: apply the One in/One out rule. In order to avoid cluttered shelves or other spaces, if you find something to take the place of another, do remove it instead of just adding into the mix. Less is more: Trust us.


As much as we may love the time in our homes, it’s natural to feel as if you need a little break from the décor you’ve been staring at day in and day out. Good news is it does not have to be a total break up for good. Grab a few bins or invest in an extra metal shelving unit to store some of your fav pieces you are not ready to part with just yet. Just like that cozy winter sweater you lived in heads to the back of the closet as the warmer weather hits, they will be there when you are ready for switch up. No shopping trip required-minus the one to the basement.


However, sometimes you are just ready to move on right? Raise your hand if you are just over looking at that vase in the corner and no amount of fresh flowers will change your mind next season. We feel you. However, as much as you want to pitch it, curating a whole bunch of new pieces for a space can seem daunting and just plain expensive. So, just like we might consign our clothes after a closet clean out because it feels good for the soul to purge- it’s also nice to feel like you are getting at least a little back on your investment. Hosting a friendship flea market of sorts where others can bring some décor items to swap is not only a fun excuse to get together with some girlfriends, it’s the perfect excuse to get your hands on the lamp you’ve been eyeing at Sarah’s house.


Parting is such sweet sorrow-and sometimes it is totally necessary. A good rule of thumb for many household items (sans the seasonal staples) is that if you haven't touched it in a year-you probably don’t need it taking up precious space in your home. The same can be applied for accessories. Many local organizations will even come pick items up from your porch and save a trip. Here are a few of our favorites…because giving back never goes out of style.

  • Habitat for Humanity-ReStore
  • Wheeler Misson Store and Donation center
  • The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana