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Styling Plants For Your Space 101

Last year, some of us referred to our home many other words than just describing our dwelling-place. Our dining rooms became the classroom, bedrooms transformed to the gym, the bathroom was our nail salon, the list could go on. Through this time, I realized how much I needed to watch something thrive + grow in those spaces with me, and a simple solution was plant life. The amount of joy I would receive from a new leaf or opening flower was a big pick-me-up during a year where we were surrounded by bad news.

Plants don't have to be just for some mental sanity, plants can also help bring your space to life with little to no additional decor. These simple green accents can be a soft complement to any room in your home. It just takes a little knowledge about what plant will thrive in those spaces.

To make our spaces more vibrant, fresher - and lighter, whether it is our living room or home office, we are here to share a piece on plants - hopefully helpful to you; which just so happen to be my favorite subject and hobby.

A few questions you might be asking are how to pick a plant for your space and how to style within. If you're local to the Indy area, we've also listed a few of our favorite resources locally.

How do I know which plants to pick?

Based on the light in your space, decide whether you are working with a low light or high light area. An easy way to tell if your space is low light are your shadow edges. If your room is full of soft, fluffy shadows, this is a low light room. If you can see sharp + crisp shadow, your room gets ample light. If low, start with something easy like Philodendron or Sansevieria. Both are hardy is low light and require little water to produce growth.

Photo here of Golden Pathos

Photo here of Sansevieria

If you have a high light area, such as a west facing window or sun room, pick a plant that will thrive off all that vitamin D, such as a Ficus Audrey or String of Pearls. These plants love their sun. Ficus Audrey will like lots of constant indirect bright light. The string of pearls will love you forever if place them directly in bright sunlight. Both require a simple watering plan about every 2 weeks.

Photo here of Ficus Audrey

Photo here of String of Pearls

How do I style plants in my home?

Two key areas you can begin with are plants for your coffee table or on a shelf. Pick other meaningful décor items that flow with your interior style to pair with the plant to achieve a complete space. If you ever question what is missing from your home accents, the answer most likely is plants!

Photo here of coffee table plant

Photo here of shelf plant

Our favorite plant resources, locally? We're so glad you asked.

  • Root 31 - a modern plant and floral boutique located at 226 Park Street in Westfield, IN.
  • Rosie's Garden- a nursery and gardening center located at 10402 N. College Avenue in Carmel, IN.
  • Habig Garden Shop- a nursery and gardening center; multiple locations (Broad Ripple, Nora, Carmel, IN).

Who wants to grow with us? Show us your plant progress by tagging us in your story! @parallel_dg

Who wants to grow with us? Show us your plant progress by tagging us in your story! @parallel_dg.