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Teaming Up To Transform A Tech Space

Flexware’s previous office space in Fishers didn’t meet the standard for employee capacity as they had overgrown their space of 10,000 sq. feet. After an acquisition and significant growth in recent years, it was clear by 2019 that they had to find new digs.

As with any project, we certainly don’t go at it alone. Flexware chose partners Capitol Construction, Curran Architecture and Parallel Design Group to bring the Flexware vision to life. We worked hand-in-hand to ensure this project stayed on budget and accomplished employee and community engagement goals.

We sat down with VP of Operations, Greg Stevens, (who joined Flexware 11 years ago) to chat about the design process and build out of Flexware. Greg was a big part of the design process, along with Scott Whitlock, CEO/President of Flexware. When choosing partners – specifically for Interior Design, Greg noted “design firms often spend too much time designing and not enough time listening. This was not the case when Parallel came to the table.”


Flexware discussed the move with the city of Fishers and it seemed to be a perfect fit to build. In the heart of the Nickel Plate District, Flexware’s new 29,886 square foot building houses their corporate headquarters and other tenants, overlooking the downtown district. Nestled in between the City Hall, City County Building, Library, Fishers HQ Fire Station and a plethora of restaurants, they felt confident in the area that they would build.

Because they wanted to be a part of the city’s growth and well-being, Flexware was intentional in choosing local vendors and businesses of Fishers. From the construction company (Capitol Construction), to the Architect (Curran Construction), to finishing touches such as wall graphics (Eye4Design), the choice in business location was important to them. They even partnered up with the local Fishers Art Council and invited students into the commercial space to put their creative touches on the bathrooms by way of mural paintings.


With the Founder of Flexware attending Purdue University and more than 50% of their employees claiming Purdue as their Alma Mater, Flexware was well-intended to showcase PU design nods within their space. Themed rooms such as Harrys Chocolate Shop, Hammer Down, Boiler Up, The Union and The University all include graphics to ode to Purdue. This was intentional in the design for Flexware to gain/retain tech talent and reiterate a core value to “Never Stop Learning”.

Up first was strategic space planning to solve for Flexware’s previous space limitations and also the implementation of design nods to the company’s brand throughout the space.

One challenge of this new build (with open ceilings and little division within) was to fill it intentionally, maintain flexibility and plan for growth. Flexware’s previous space was not conducive to hosting all-staff meetings. With a new footprint nearly double in size, it was vital to create a flexible and familial space with mixed seating. The training room features a glass operable wall, allowing for expanded functionality by opening up to a platform for guest speakers, which normally houses a lounge area.

The Union was created with a coffee shop vibe in mind for Flexdogs (Flexware’s employees). It is home to many company engagement efforts, with a full garage door opening up to the exterior and giving the opportunity to expand to larger gatherings for the team and clients.

The University’s intent was to create a space to host “Lunch and Learns” and gathering industry experts in the space to learn and share. Having the opportunity to bring in customers and prospects into a training and seminar room underlined the importance again of Flexware’s core value of “Never Stop Learning.”

Nothing was left unfinished as Parallel helped to execute the wall graphics and signage package, procure artwork, accessories, and plants to fully finish off the space. Very important to the Flexware brand, graphics mimic the logo (slanted peaks) and showcase the company’s core values.


#Flexdogs are of top priority for Flexware and that was quite evident to us during the design process. From the get-go, Greg and Scott made sure that the employees were encouraged to weigh in on the design and provide feedback in the design development process.

There’s many features to choose from but the most noticeable #Flexdog favorite is the natural light throughout. We ask many of our clients this question and many have the same answer, because it is true. Natural light makes such a big difference in any space, keeping it airy and fresh as the light bounces off the pure white walls. Aside from health and energy saving benefits, it is also helpful for increasing the aesthetics of a space. Natural light makes spaces appear larger, illuminate an interior structure and increases the overall beauty of the space. The natural light beams through the space bouncing off of the concrete floor, exposed steel beams and the spiral staircase, which bring an industrial tech vibe. While the lounge and mixed seating throughout evoke a comfortable, communal, and relaxed feel for employees to work and hang.

Additionally, Stevens shared that the workstation layout now has the opportunity for each team to gather by their workstations for quick team meetings. So many times previously every single gathering space was overflowing. In addition to the new workstation layout, there are various spaces to gather for every circumstance. The Union is a favorite place to gather and has a cool coffee shop feel.

Being a tech company – one company favorite (which they hope to use more frequently when the pandemic subsides) is the Crestron and Ultimate Technologies tech throughout. Tablets on the wall can control audio and microphones and employees are able to connect wirelessly. Employees can also join a Teams meeting and reserve rooms through technology to make for a seamless process.

"We couldn’t be happier”!


Overall, Greg and team share that “we couldn’t be happier”! This is music to our ears.

Flexware Innovation will celebrate it’s 25th milestone year in business this August (in 2021)! We certainly wish them well and hope they spend many happy years in their new space.

Want to learn more about Flexware Innovation? Visit them by clicking the links below.