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Where It All Began - The Kitchen Table

Like many great business ideas, Walker Information originally began at a kitchen table back in 1939. Walker’s ever-changing technology business has continued to grow and expand over the last 79 years.

Through many years of hard work, Walker now prides themselves on being one of the most influential businesses in the Customer Experience Industry. True to the integrity of the brand, the leadership at Walker had a strong desire to match what they did on the outside to what they do on the inside. Therefore, it was imperative that Walker occupy an innovative space to retain and attract influential talent. In 2016, Walker partnered with Parallel Design Group to bring their professional business space to the next level, resulting in a stunning new home in Indianapolis! But how did they get there?

Throughout their 79 years in business, Walker had moved to various locations throughout the Indianapolis area. Their most recent space in Carmel lacked the collaborative environment they desired for their nearly 150 employees. Short on space and with a desire for a namesake building, Walker joined forces with PK Partners to secure the perfect place to grow; a 3-story, 40,000+ square foot building located right in the heart of Keystone at the Crossing, (and conveniently right across the street from Parallel Design Group).

With the new building, Parallel found that integrating collaboration spaces in a myriad of different ways would solve many of the challenges they were currently facing. For each account team, the new space plan would allow for team members to work in multiple ways – formally and informally.

More prevalent now than ever, technology was an integral part of the new design. Parallel incorporated additional technology, which was imperative for Walker’s business model. Parallel designed collaborative booths to provide informal group meeting spaces, display monitors to showcase company news and a large collaborative meeting area for company-wide meetings and webcasts. The many monitors are instrumental in passing along information to everyone - employees are encouraged to contribute news items, congratulate team members, and say thank you to others who have helped in the company’s success, all while boosting employee morale and affirming the Walker team-centered approach.

Above all, it was a necessity for Walker and its employees to live in a space that was welcoming and inspiring to all. Through thoughtful planning, the open concept provides employees and guests with a welcoming, bright, and collaborative feel. To achieve this, Parallel recommended the use of large amounts of glass, brand colors and an open, central stairwell that connects each floor. The end result provides Walker with an invigorating space that encourages collaboration and socialization.

One of the spaces that brings the most excitement among employees and visitors is ’The Garage’. This second-floor break area includes two large garage doors that allow fresh air in while providing a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. The space is multi-functional and is used throughout the work day for informal gatherings, collaborative meetings, or the occasional sporting event on TV (March Madness viewing anyone?).

Their new space appeals to today’s thriving workforce, as Walker aims to keep and recruit top talent in Indianapolis. Not only is Walker proud to call this space home, but they are also excited to see so many of their dreams become reality – a space that fosters collaboration, teamwork and productivity. Post-occupancy survey results for Walker’s space revealed that employees were highly satisfied with the new design (a 4.24 out of 5 star rating)– especially the spaces that provide for more informal meetings and collaborative time with teammates. In fact, post-occupancy results revealed 98% of staff agreed that productivity and collaboration were successfully implemented after Parallel re-designed their new space. Employees rated the large presence of natural light, vibrant design aesthetic and collaborative areas as some of the top features of the space. The ever present ‘Walker blue’ provides a fresh pop of color, reflecting the bright future ahead for the company.

Steve Walker, President of Walker, shares: “Parallel Design Group was instrumental in transitioning our space to a brighter and more open environment. We can now use multi-collaborative spaces and multi-function break areas, which we didn’t have before. With Parallel’s great service and attention to detail, we were able to achieve a beautiful workplace that our staff and clients love; and we are proud to call home.”

What once started at a kitchen table nearly 80 years ago now flourishes in a building with its namesake proudly lit above. As Walker embarks on its next years in business, we can’t wait to watch them grow.

Parallel Design worked in collaboration with PK Partners, Holladay Construction Group, Architects Forum, Specified Lighting, Milliken flooring, Interface Flooring, and RJE Business Interiors.


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