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Workplace Design: Your Why + What's Next?

Join us for a few minutes as we explore how powerful 'WHY'; can be in your business and in your life.

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Tactical Safety & Wellness Practices to Consider When Re-entering your Workspace

A Covid19 Series Blog Post about how you can lead your companies with tactical safety and wellness practices in your workspace.

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Life-Changing Leadership: Our Top 20

Take a look at PDG's Top 20 Picks from the Global Leadership Summit. What will you apply as you live and lead with passion and purpose?

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The Hidden Crisis: Loneliness

Adam Vandoski, Sommelier and Founder of Indy Vine Society digs into the issue of #Loneliness and encourages us to design our workspaces to fight this epidemic.

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#PDG takes #NeoCon2019!

Our #PDG team recently attended NeoCon's 51st Commercial Interior Design showrooms in Chicago! Check out our top 10 picks!