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2018 Monumental Honor Award Winner, JLL

JLL is a global leader in real estate that thrives on partnership and innovation. The JLL team in Indianapolis were starting to outgrow their previous office and needed a new space to help support their team, culture, and values. That’s where Parallel

When the project began, we worked with the JLL team to identify key workplace challenges, most notably the space was no longer able to accommodate the great growth of the JLL team. In addition, there was insufficient collaboration space, inadequate tec

We worked right alongside our partners at JLL to make the new space more flexible and intelligent. We increased conference rooms, dedicated department huddle rooms and open collaboration spaces to promote more partnership and creativity. Mobile glass p

Office morale and productivity was also a huge priority for us. A primarily open floorplan allowed us to maximize on natural daylight. It now permeates all the way through the core of the space! Team members each have their own adjustable sit-to-stand

The new JLL office is host to continual guests, so it was important for us to feature their well-known global brand. An international map greets guests at entry, immediately conveying the company’s history as a universally valued partner. A magnetic po

Parallel Design worked in collaboration with Capitol Construction, Specified Lighting, Milliken, Officeworks, Carnegie, MDC, and Custom Glass Tinting.