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Contemporary Arts and the Modern Workplace

SEI Investments is a forward-thinking global wealth management company that is on a mission to redefine their industry with continual innovation. After acquiring local Archway Technology Partners in July 2017, Parallel Design joined forces to provide a

Another major priority of the client was properly incorporating SEI’s branding in the new space. SEI’s philosophy is that corporate culture should support and fit team members’ personalities. Consequently, we designed a space that was big, bright, open

As a company that also values and rewards experimentation and risk-taking, SEI has unsurprisingly spent decades supporting the contemporary arts. In an attempt to share challenging and inventive work of emerging artists with the SEI audience and public

SEI’s new Indianapolis office, home to continual guests, is now a beautiful and functional space; one that honors a powerful international brand, supports it’s impactful and innovative culture and furthers the company’s commitment to making contemporar

Natalie Peters, SEI AFO comments to say, “We were very pleased with the outcome of the design. Parallel Design Group was able to hone in on the spirit of SEI – using unique art as inspiration to our staff combined with an open architecture floorplan – to deliver a space that encourages collaboration and transparency and is inviting to both employees and visitors alike.”

Parallel Design worked in collaboration with Marksmen Construction, Colliers International Project Management Team, Specified Lighting, Eye4 Group, Commercial Office Environments, and Custom Glass Tinting. Photos by Russ Richey.