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How Businesses Can Lead As We Make Employees Feel a Sense of Safety and Assurance In The Workplace

Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid19), is certainly not limited to the USA – and is undoubtedly a global pandemic that is causing heartbreaking loss of all kinds across the board. It proposes a major course for concern, especially as our nation considers entering back into the workplace.

What we do know currently is that most individuals who contract the virus appear to recover. However, many cases unfortunately result in death or negative lasting effects.

To that end, it is of great importance that we stay well-informed on this serious topic. You can take relief in knowing that Parallel Design Group, as well as many others in our industry are following this closely and will do our very best to provide the most relevant information for our current and future clients, as we continue to abide by the City, State and CDC Regulations. But we must recognize that we are all experiencing this for the first time and the truth is no one really knows. What we can do is apply common sense, be respectful and supportive to each other, and be truth seekers.


Although a vaccine can be effective, it is impossible for that to solve all of our problems. Even with the fastest track of a vaccine, which we likely not have for months to come, the question still remains on how businesses can lead their staff as we confidently enter back into the workplace in the safest way possible. Certainly more elbow room and hand sanitizer can help – but what else can be done as we lead our people back into workspaces that used to seem safe and now feel unknown/scary? See below for a few priorities to keep top of mind as you lead in this uncertain time.


Many are experiencing fear and panic, and for good reason. And even with the social distancing ban lifting and more businesses re-opening, these valid emotions will remain for many. Above all else, informing and educating ourselves as we lead with transparency is of the utmost importance. Sharing with our people what we have done to protect their health, safety and well-being to the best of our ability, will instill confidence as they enter back into their workspaces. Informing and educating our employees on how they can be well in and outside of the workplace will continue to build trust as we lead our teams. Truly we are all in this together and its important that our staff hears this message from our lips and sees it through our actions.


Whether you have a workforce of millennials or lead a multi-generational staff, it is important to note that there are so many varying opinions, thoughts and feelings coming from all sides as we try to navigate the new normal and what business will look like in the coming months and years ahead. Some will be very hesitant to step foot in their previous places of comfort while others can’t wait to sprint to hug the necks of their work family they haven’t seen in months. Whatever mindsets are coming forth, acknowledging that all of our employees are coming from different backgrounds and mindsets is paramount.


Communicating clearly is communicating kindly. And it’s necessary. Each business will have a different take on entering back into their business physical spaces, respectively. Creating both written and verbal communication to your staff and clients will be key to set expectations. Owning your message and standing behind it until new information becomes available from State and Government officials will keep you grounded and keep others informed adequately. One tactical example to communicate clearly is to send a message to clients (example below) to set expectations and ensure your staff and clients alike abide by precautions made by your organization.

In efforts to keep our clients’ and staff health, safety and well-being a priority, we will take extra precaution as we limit our face-to-face interactions, in-person meetings as well as the number of attendees at meetings. Parallel Design Group will provide our highest level of service and respond to our clients in a timely manner. We will rely on virtual meetings via Teams, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc., as we continue to follow the city, state and CDC guidelines. Please consult your project manager for the most up to date protocol in place at the time of your project and/or meeting. While Parallel Design Group will make responsible choices with relation to our actions and behaviors to minimize exposure, we cannot be responsible for the spread of the virus. Thank you for your continued support and understanding in this matter.


With a truly great unknown in the business world, let’s keep in mind that our true role is serving our clients to the absolute best of our ability. In between, we must do our best to be proactive in our strategic business plans and also managing risk for staff and clients. Our team has collected some tactical ways we believe we can keep you forward-thinking and proactive in vital times like these. Make sure you tune in next week as we relay tactical safety and wellness practices to consider implementing in your workspace upon re-entering.

Be well and stay safe!

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