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It's Always A Good Morning @ Caffé Buondí!

Here's an interview with Restaurant Co-Owner, Andrea Melani (at Caffé Buondí)!

Adrienne (AE): Talk to us about the meaning behind Caffé Buondí. What’s behind the name?

Andrea (AM): It me

AE: What is the intention/vibe you wanted to create in this new space?

AM: A place that is welcoming of all people; that is fresh, clean, bright and energizing. We want to invite people to have a good day that s

AE: Has it always been a dream of yours to open up a restaurant?

AM: Yes and no. My mom and dad owned a few restaurants in Italy. We used to live right above one of them. I literally lived in the restaurant. I s

AE: Seems like it runs in your blood. Talk to us about your experience in the restaurant industry after you closed the family business?

AM: After moving to America in 2000 full-time, I went to school, got marrie

AE: So, next Caffé Buondí sits your sister restaurant, Convivio. What made you decide to dig in to create another space knowing how much work it would be?

AM: My business partner Emilio was the one who

AE: Why did you choose to work with Parallel Design Group in this process?

AM: Hitesh Patel with Colliers, who managed our build-out, recommended that we work with Parallel Design Group to make

AE: Who have been some of your biggest cheerleaders in the process of conceptualizing and building new restaurants for the city to enjoy?

AM: Carmel. This community and this city has been so supportive. Also –

AE: What’s the favorite feature amongst all of your guests?

AM: People take a lot of photos of the area with the lights around the booths; as well as the food and the coffee. They love the design. They love the

AE: This may be the most important question of all. What is your favorite item on the menu?

AM: Hands down, it is the Ickx Savory Crepe made with buckwheat and folded with swiss cheese, and an egg; sunny s

AE: What has the feedback been from family and friends about your new hot breakfast spot?

AM: Everyone is impressed with the design. They think the space is simple, beautiful and elegant. Most people in our area

AE: At the end of the day, what is the one thing that you enjoy doing the most?

AM: The whole process of creating something – building something meaningful; making something meaningful.


Whatever you need to do, do it right. Stay motivated. Stay hungry. Stay passionate.

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