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Increased Morale @ Morales Group

Morales Group worked extensively with Parallel Design Group throughout two significant expansions, and we were beyond pleased with the service they provided to our team from start to finish. Briana is a class act and kept us calm and focused on the pro

With quick growth in a short amount of time – we quickly realized that we needed to internally redesign and acclimate our internal space to meet the needs of our team but also to reflect our brand better.

Of course, without a hesitation we knew

In addition to the design changes, our company has also focused on a few areas that have been imperative for our morale.

  • Employees are Valued: Across the board, we drive home the message that we are all equally valued, titles and accolade

On the horizon for Morales Group:

  • New Charlotte office which is currently open, and Parallel Design Group led the design charge. We are hosting a ribbon cutting on May 22.
  • Check out our Skill Up Build Up Podcast,