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The Hidden Crisis: Loneliness

Last year I came across an article that took me completely by surprise. Former surgeon general Vivek Murthy wrote in the Harvard Business Review, “During my years caring for patients, the most common pathology I saw was not heart disease or diabetes; i

In order to begin to understand this issue, it’s important to define loneliness. It’s distinct from social isolation – one can feel lonely in an office with hundreds of people or in a marriage. What’s difficult about loneliness is that it’s a subjectiv

Like the classic example of buying a car you think is somewhat unique, but suddenly seeing it everywhere, I’ve begun to see loneliness everywhere. There are a lot of different thoughts about the causes of the crisis, and the far-reaching implications.

The obvious question is what are we supposed to do about it? Dr. Murthy addresses the corporate world because it’s where we spend so much of our time. He advises that we first assess the relational connectivity at our workplace, then c

A shining example to highlight is the Mayo Clinic, the number one rated hospital overall in the nation. They recognized that the increasing productivity expectations and documentation requirements led to an erosion of peer support and a greater

Loneliness is a complex problem and we’re only beginning to understand its implications. It’s time that we take a moment to consider the physical and psychological impact of modern society and bring a new level of intentionality to our lives and organi

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